We welcome & love all breeds

Who can play?

Pups of all ages and sizes are invited to play as long as their vaccinations are current. This way we can ensure the safest possible environment for all of our 4-legged furbabies.

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PUP Daycare

Dont’ leave your dog waiting at home all day for you. Instead bring them to Texas Pups! We are your furbabies best friend while you are at work or on vacation, and a great alternative to lonely days at home!

Pups are social by nature-they want to play and have fun! No reservations needed, but we are filling up fast!

Pupistration & Enrollment

Prior to enrolling in Texas Pups an Enrollment Form and a Personality Evaluation must be completed. All dogs must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) (puppy/ yearly vaccinations)!The Pupcare/Boarding Form provides us with the necessary information about your contact information, pups medical history, etc. to ensure the pup is in good health and does not have any current behavior issues that might be potentially harmful to our other parents or Pup Wranglers. This form also includes the Rules and Regulations as well as the Client Agreement for Texas Pups.Personality Evaluations are given to assess the current social ability of the pup and to determine if there are any aggressive tendencies present that would pose a potential risk for the Pup Wranglers or other pups in our care.
Kennel cough is a highly contagious airborne infection similar to the common cold that even kids can pick up while at daycare. No vaccine is 100% effective as new strains of Kennel Cough continually develop and some pups can be more susceptible to the various vaccines that will protect your dog. Texas Pups takes all possible precautions to eliminate the possible spread of this infection in our facilities. We follow a rigorous cleaning schedule. In addition to requiring a current Bordetella vaccination we highly recommend that owners get this vaccination two weeks prior to their first boarding or pupcare visit. The vaccine can take up to two weeks to become fully effective. Ask your veterinarian for more information and make sure they know when your pup will be staying with us and to learn more.

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Parents Night:

Meet the pup parents & your furballs bff. We throw pup parties with live dj/ bar !
Get ready to Ruff Ruff

We give back!

A little portion of your pups every visit goes towards a pup in need on its way to a happy tail wagging life

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Nap along with Netflix or Hulu live
Pup wranglers are certified in pet first aid and CPR put your pups health as a priority

Pups left at home alone during the day may experience seperation anxiety or display undesirable behaviors such as chewing or excessive barking. These can occur when your dog lacks sufficient exercise and socialization. Texas Pups is your fur babies best friend. Drop your fur baby and they'll spend the day socializing, interacting with our well-trained Pup Wranglers and burning off energy. At the end of the day you will pick-up a happy and delightfully tired pup.